Blue Marble Beat: Shake your ass or go home

Dig the simplicity. We sweat. You sweat. That's the deal.

As Blue Marble Beat takes the finest organic and electronic elements of Rock, Reggae, Trip-Hop and Pop music and puts them all together on a single stage, all at the same time, you give back the love that we give to you. We play the music and you dance. We project the video and you dance. We are the perfect confluence of Man, Moment and Machine, you and Blue Marble Beat.

Note that ours is a modern show capturing the old and the new. It's our original songs and music by other artists presented in our own multimedia-rich, edgy style. We have it all. Guys come to rock. Girls come to dance. They leave together and come back for more.

Clearly, there's a THUMP to our music that makes you stomp your feet and shake your money maker. Blue Marble Beat moves the body, soul and mind. People have been digging Blue Marble Beat in every size and shape of venue across North Carolina - from private parties, bars, clubs, and theatres to arenas. We regularly entice deeply rooted wallflowers to groove on the dance floor.

Experience the beat. Now that you know who we are, the rest is up to you. If you want to get up offa that thing, if you wanna sweat to the beat, and make it last all night then come sweat with Blue Marble Beat.

Blue Marble Beat will put your dancing shoes to work, too, with wide-ranging party jams that meld hip-hop, reggae and jazz into a smooth blend.

Young and savvy... with noteworthy reputations.
-Mojo Music

Blue Marble Beat brings a sound like no other.
-The Virginian Pilot

They make it fun.
-The State of Things, WUNC-FM

...very easy to enjoy.
-Machine Gun Funk