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Derek "dB" Brinson (vox, guitar, keys, programming, video) is an affable and engaging musician, part frontman, part court jester and all bad-ass. He's been indicted but never convicted. dB's your Simon and Simon says dance!

Shimer Gradus (drums, percussion) is Blue Marble Beat's drummer. Shimer's heavy and accurate beats make it impossible for all but the dead to sit still at a Blue Marble Beat show. Rock, funk, hip-hop and reggae, he does it all.

Éamonn Shanahan (guitar, vox) traveled across the Atlantic Ocean to play with Blue Marble Beat. Well, he traveled across the Atlantic Ocean and then played with Blue Marble Beat. We're not going to split hairs. Why should you?

Thomas "Ski" Szypulski (bass, keys, programming) reached No. 4 on the French Pop charts in 1998 and garnered airplay on six of the seven continents without spilling a drop of beer. Ski's likely recalling his most recent visit to Jamaica. Yeah, mon.

dB and Ski first discussed a musical collaboration in 1998 while involved in Power Pop trios The Estranged and Leaning Owen. Shimer and Ski played in Leaning Owen. In 2000, Ski and dB played in the reggae party band Dread34. Throughout the lifetime of Dread34 and into the early days of Blue Marble Beat, dB played with his Acoustic Soul collective cleverly masquerading as a band, the-nerve. Éamonn has played in bands on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Through the years we've endured identity crises, economic and legal crises, wars, plague, famine and pestilence to become locally renowned performers, scenesters, in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Triangle. All of our influences and experiences meld into Blue Marble Beat's unique vibe.

We sweat. You sweat. That's the deal.